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Col. Gene Poore,
Commercial & Residential Real Estate Appraiser, Auctioneer, Commercial & Residential General Contractor, Real Estate Broker, Superior Court Mediator, Certified Realtor Mediator,  Insurance Adjuster, Former Mortgage Broker, Former Airline Captain, Current Hot Air Balloon Pilot & Certified Flight Instructor For Airplanes & Balloons
About Builders Realty Auction
NO SELLER FEE SALES: We Don't Charge Our Sellers a Dime in Real Estate Commission or Auctioneer Fees. We are unique and different in that we are Auctioneers plus a Certified Real Estate Appraiser and General Contractor who can help Lenders and Attorneys Appraise, Rehab or Remodel and sell REO property with absolutely no commission or fee charged to the seller.   

Our company pilot, a former Airline Captain & Bank Pilot, can quickly fly Buyers to visit Foreclosed properties anywhere in North & South Carolina.    
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We help Lenders, Attorneys & Individuals sell their REO, Estate, Bankruptcy or Divorce Real Estate or Personal Property Faster & For Top Dollar
Jennifer Poore,
Auctioneer "Ring Man" Pilot, Massage Therapist, Scuba Diver, Former Loan Officer & Real Estate Appraiser
Ronda  Preslar, 
Appraiser Lic # T-4739, 
Corvette Owner, Jet Ski Owner, 
Pick Up Truck Owner,
 Landscape Co. Owner