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Appraisal Management
Builders Realty Appraisal Services
Notary Remote Signing Service Closing Loans At Borrowers' House
We manage appraisal for lenders. Our NC Appraisal Management Company is License NC-1196.

Cost: $130 added to appraiser's Customary and Reasonable Fee of $400-$500 in NC based on VA rate plus any appraisal transfer fee of $30.

Is your property undervalued due to a bad or low appraisal value due to your appraiser ONLY being paid $7/hour or $200 for the appraisal you paid $500 - $700 for? 

Did you know that one Title Company AMC or Appraisal Management Company ONLY pays their Appraisers $7/hour plus a bonus to equal $200 for the appraisal although the borrower paid $500-$700 to the Title Company who also acts as an Appraisal Management Company? 

We closed over 1,000 loans as a Notary Signing Agent and only observed 2 Closing Disclosures where the Appraisal Management Fee was transparent and separated from the appraisal fee.

We asked the Appraisal Board why the Appraisal Fee is "not" required to be separated from the Appraisal Management Fee so borrowers can see exactly whether they are paying top dollar for an appraisal but getting a fast-food wage employee as an appraiser, but the Appraisal Board said there is no law to protect the borrower from getting the cheapest appraiser the management company can find to do the appraisal, which we have seen cause a borrower to pay PMI insurance due to an incorrect low appraisal value resulting in a high LTV Loan to Value Ratio. 

We pay our appraisers top dollar to spend the time required to do a quality appraisal. We only charge $130 for our appraisal management fee. Our fee is separated on the Closing Disclosure or HUD-1 from the appraiser fee so borowers know exactly how their appraisal money is spent. 

We have closed over 1,000 loans for various lenders by sending a Notary Public to close home loans at borrowers homes instead of the borrower having to take the time to drive to an attorney's office just to sign the  closing documents.

Cost : $125
We provide individual commercial and residential appraisals for lenders, courts, tax appeals, estates, etc, 

$ (Price Upon Request)
If you have any question concerning our Appraisal Services, turn around time or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
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