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2. Search Charlotte & Myrtle Beach to find 10 different properties that interest you.
3. Comment below on what you like or don't like about each of the 10 houses you like in Charlotte or Myrtle Beach.
4. Guess the price each of 10 houses will eventually sell for and enter price in comments.
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Architecture Critic

Win Raffle For Free Balloon or Plane Ride

by Gene Poore on 06/14/15

Leave a comment on our YouTube videos to be entered into a Raffle to win a Free Hot Air Balloon Ride, Plane Ride or an Aerial Photo of your house or Aerial Photo of house you want to buy. 

House Auction Sat. Oct. 18th

by Gene Poore on 10/12/14

House Auction on Sat. Oct. 18 at 10 AM.

3,576 Sq Ft Heated Sq Ft with 6,700 Sq Ft under roof when including barn, shop, garage, large unfinished attic that could be finished as additional rooms.

1964 Mustang, Kabota Tractor with front End Loader, Back Hoe, Bush Hog, many shop tools, collectible lamps, furniture.


Need Critics Review on 3267 Luvan, Georgetown, SC

by Gene Poore on 06/22/14

We will give you a free prize for clicking on our Search For Properties tab and looking at MLS # 1410657 which is a $2,495,000 house at 3267 Luvan in Debordeiu Colony near Georgetown, SC. While on our Search For Properties page, please also search for 3 comparable houses and leave your comments on how features of 3267 Luvan compare to 3 other houses that you think are similar and tell us what price you think Luvan will eventually sell for. Void where prohibited by law, rule or regulations.

Need Critics Review of 6 New Wright Avenue houses, Charlotte, NC

by Gene Poore on 06/15/14

Receive a chance to win a Free Appraisal or Balloon Ride for an Architecture Critics Review of 6 new $400,000 +/- houses on Wright Avenue in Charlotte, NC. These 6 houses are not listed in MLS yet so you will have to drive out to the construction site to see the 6 new houses under construction. Directions from Uptown, Southeast on 4th St/Randolph Rd. Left on Sharon Amity. Left on Windemere. Immediate Left on Wright. Right on Tangle. Left on Bloomdale. Left on Lomax. Right on New Wright Avenue. The 6 New Homes are on the new Wright Avenue on the Right at end of Lomax. Membership is available in Cotswold Swim Tennis Club across the street. After looking at these 6 new houses, please click on this web site tab labeled "Property Search" and search for similar houses in Cotswold Area and compare these 6 new houses to other houses you find for sale in 2 mile radius using our Search For Properties web page and tell us the price you think these houses will sell for and what you like or dislike about these houses. Void where prohibited by law, rules or regulations

Need Critics Review 4920 S 1st Street, Murrells Inlet, SC

by Gene Poore on 06/13/14

Receive a chance to win a Free Appraisal or Balloon Ride for helping us prepare an Architecture Critic Review of a Condo in Murrells Inlet, SC area. Please click on tab labeled Property Search on menu of this web site and search for a condo at 4920 S 1st Street, Unit #23, Murrells Inlet, SC listed as MLS # 1307690. Please look at pictures on MLS and compare this condo to other condos you find for sale in 2 mile radius and tell us the price you think this condo will sell for and what you like or dislike about this condo compared to 3 other condos. Void where prohibited by law or other rules or restrictions

Win Prizes For Helping Us Appraise, Predict Sale Prices & Perform Architecture Critic Reviews
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When buying a house, would you like to read the comments of other buyers who looked at the house for sale and commented on what they liked and disliked about the house that is for sale to help you make an "informed" decision?

Did you know that real estate agents often ask for feedback from other agents who show a house that is For Sale to help the seller know what may need to be corrected to make the house sell, but these feedback comments are not available to you or the public?

Did you know that real estate agents are required to disclose "Material Facts" that may include comments from other buyers?

Many online sellers like Amazon and Ebay provide comments sections where previous buyers can comment on the product for sale so future buyers can know what other buyers thought of the item for sale. 

Additionally, most people have an opinion on residential or commercial architecture and building design and would simply like a place to voice their opinions. 

This blog is the only place for criticism and commentary that can help buyers and sellers make "informed" decisions. 

This blog is also a forum for conversation about the varied designs in the Carolinas from Urban Office Towers, Beach Cottages, Residential Dwellings in both North and South Carolina since designs vary greatly from the Carolinas Mountains to the Carolinas Beaches, regardless of whether the property is for sale on not.

 Our hope is that this blog will be a conversation between critic and reader, and reader and reader, where observations serve as conversation starters. 

Our rules for comments are simple: Please be succinct, brief, honest & professional. Please don't be rude or snarky.  

Please remember readers' attention span is typically short in this digital age with many distractions, so get to the point quickly.   

As appraisers of both commercial and residential property, we are paid to be professional critics of property and desperately need your feedback and comments to help us write reports on value, marketing time, design and appeal on properties we may appraise.

​We invite other appraisers to search this blog to see what others think of the property they are appraising.

Knowledge is Power !