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Scott Morris Smith of Morris Costumes $399,900 House In Charlotte
Builders Realty Auction Clients
Billy Ray & Dianne Hager's $582,000 House on Lake Norman
Reini & Elaine Grauer, USAirways Pilot & Charlotte Helicopters Owner's $550,000 House In Matthews 

We listed and sold Scott Morris Smith's $399,900 house for full price acting as a Dual Agent finding the buyer. We held Open House every weekend with Free Drinks and Snacks and sold the house after another agent could not sell the house after listing it for 3 months. We paid over $6,000 out of our pocket to install a new gas furnace and new air conditioner and to pay for all items that required repair on the Home Inspection Report simply to keep the buyer and seller happy and mediate disputes.
Builders Realty Auction takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these experience with our clients:
We were asked by the Buyers to find a house that could be purchased at a discount so we used our appraisal skills to look for houses with motivated sellers, since we know from our appraisal work that certain sellers will typically accept less money in exchange for a quick closing. We used our negotiation skills learned in being a Superior Court Mediator, District Criminal Court Mediator and National Association of Realtors Mediator to get the seller to agree to our buyer's terms. We also paid money out of our pocket to repair or correct items on the Home Inspection Report. We also paid our repair people to install a dog fence for the buyers.
We listed and sold Reini & Elaine Grauer's house on Weddington Road for $550,000 acting as a Dual Agent by finding a Buyer for the Grauer House.  Two other large real estate companies could not sell the Grauer house after having it listed for over two (2) years but we sold it in less than 6 months. Reini & Elaine Grauer agreed to paid us a 6% commission or $33,000 but only paid us $5,000 prior to closing and agreed in emails to pay us the balance in a payment plan. We were told that the Grauers would pay us the balance of our $28,000 commission due per our written agreement when their Owner Financing Balloon Mortgage term expires in 5 years.