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FREE iPAD   IN 3 EZ STEPS   EZ As 1,2,3 
1. Advertise our Services sitting in your house using free social media such as your free Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Craigslist, etc. accounts. *

2. Sign our Buyer Agency Agreement (Requires a $1,000 Non Refundable Broker Retainer Fee That Will Be Returned At Closing) *

3. Sign our Exclusive Right To Sell Listing Agreement (Requires a $1,000 Non Refundable Broker Retainer Fee That Will Be Returned At Closing)*

One Free iPad With Every Property We List & Sell or New Construction or Remodel Project over $50,000 so we can communicate via an iPad. 

SIMPLY Email us the name of anyone who may be interested in Auctions, New Construction, Remodeling or Commercial Space Up-Fitting and we can legally give you one free iPad when transaction completed and we are paid.   

*We give free iPad to adults & kids who use their free social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, to advertise our services and to property Buyers & Sellers upon signing our agency agreement. Void where prohibited by law. We do not pay compensation in any form for  Real Estate "Bird Dog" referral fees but we do compensate adults & kids for their ad copy writing services that results sales of our services with ad tracking number.     
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