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Bed & Balloon :
Builders Realty Auction Services
Auction Services :
Appraisal Services :
Coming Soon, we will offer a Bed & Balloon Safari Adventure treat to our out of town guests or clients searching to buy a house or commercial building near our guest houses.  We include a refreshing and relaxing massage that relieves stress and tension aches for pure relaxation. The Swedish, Deep Tissue or Medical Massage techniques rejuvenate both body and mind. Balloon Ride Wind & Weather Permitting. 

$250 per night includes Balloon Ride & Massage with Full Rebate at Closing. Group Rates Available ! 
We are perhaps the ONLY agent who has the education, experience and licenses to HELP Buyers and Sellers for YEARS after the sale closes. 

For example, sooner or later you may have hail damage to your roof, fire damage or a water leak. If you buy your house using us as your buyer agent, years later, we will estimate damage costs using our cost estimting software to make sure your insurance company offers you enough.
Would you pay $26 for a $20 bill ? In the PBS documentary "Mind Over Money", the PBS Nova Program at www.PBS.org, people in an experiment bid $26 for a $20 bill, which proves that people often pay more at auctions than other sales methods such as typical MLS sales. You can watch the video online at www.PBS.org and learn how auctions often will net you a higher price for your property!  

On-Site Auctions are held at the property site being sold anywhere in USA or auctions can be conducted at off-site locations such as our office in Matthews, Hotel Ballrooms & Community Centers, if more convenient. 

$ 0.00 Cost To Seller 
(Buyer pays a "Buyer Premium" which is added to Buyer's High Bid which pays Auctioneer. )
Appraisals performed by experienced appraisers who are also active salespeople in the sales market and know the market value and emotional  appeal and benefits of special features or uniqueness and  differences in  each property and  comparable sales. 

For example: Did you know that many appraisers never sell real estate 
and therefore never get feedback from buyers who they are showing property to as to what unique feature makes a property sell for a certain price?

$ 400.00 for Typical Residential, $1,500 for Basic Commercial, Call or Email for Specific Quotes.  
We Build and Remodel Houses, Commercial Buildings and Swimming Pools including the houses on Home Page and the Scuba Dive Pool In Myrtle Beach shown in Photo Gallery. Call for Quotes.
Raffle A House Services :
New Law Passed in NC in 2009 allows any house to be raffled for up to an appraised value of $500,000 if profits are donated to a Non Profit.  Boys & Girls Club  of Charleston raffled a new house in 2003.  This is creative way for lenders to sell REO Houses for default payoff & help a non profit. Keep up with latest Raffle House news on www.twitter.com/rafflehouse
Conflict Resolution & Mediation :
Mediate, Don't Sue! 95% of Cases Settle Out of Court. We are Certified by National Association of Realtors to Mediate Real Estate Disputes & mediate NC Superior Court case whether Divorce, Accident or Real Estate & Construction cases. We are often the only mediator with experience in dispute matter. WARNING ! Don't allow your opponent's attorney to select your mediator! 
New Construction, Remodeling, Additions :
Insurance Adjusters :
We Can Estimate Your Roof Hail Damage or Water Damage To Make Sure Your Insurance Company Pays You Enough To Cover Your True Costs